Tolerance Standards

Tolerance Standards


The procedures outlined in this document apply to the preferred manufacturing methods adopted by Dynamic Design & Manufacturing, Inc.

These procedures may affect any and all work centers and are subject to overall part size and material type.  The word "part" refers to the three-dimensional aspects and features of a manufactured detail).  

The procedures outlined in this document are to be used for parts that fit all of the following criteria:

  1. A drawing or part file that is missing tolerances.
  3. Our standard tolerances can be safely substituted for tolerances stated on drawing or part file in order to add value to the customer by lowering manufacturing costs.
  5. The size of the part is too large to measure using precision instruments.
  7. The parts' material type, size, and/or thickness is such that closer tolerances may be more difficult to consistently hold, and therefore more costly to manufacture.


  1. The procedures are intended to aid in establishing conformance to the capability of the processes listed above.
  3. They are intended to streamline the qualification process at these work centers while at the same time provide a more thorough review of the variables.  They should provide for a higher success rate in both quality and profitability.


Drawings and part files will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the time of a bid.  Statements regarding tolerances will be posted in hard copy on the bid response sent to the customer. 

The following tables are subject to change where necessary.

 Tolerance Standards

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