Metal Punching Services

Metal Punching Services

Dynamic Design and Manufacturing offers the highest quality metal punching services with our CNC Turret Punch Presses for both custom and standard shapes. CNC punching is a computer-controlled procedure that can easily stamp out many geometric shapes into a piece of sheet metal in seconds. This process involves a punch, die, sheet metal, and programming that advises the press which tool to use and where to punch parts. Dyco's CNC Turret Punch Press machines are the most efficient way to produce precision fabricated metal products with many holes.

Punching vs. Stamping

CNC stamping is best suited for large volume production runs where 5,000 or more parts are made in one run. CNC punching is often utilized for smaller volume production runs where costs can be optimized for the lower runs. This process is the best way to punch parts without investing in high-priced unique tooling.

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Metal Punching Applications

We manufacture custom metal fabricated parts that meet your specific requirements and tolerance, specializing in national defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and process control instrumentation applications. We have applied our CNC punching capabilities to various applications such as airbags, aircraft, batteries, electric motors, x-ray machines, and more.

Metal Punching Materials

Below is a list of metal materials that are ideal for metal punching:

Punching Equipment ListingEquipment Specifications
Amada Vipros 357 Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press
Capacity: 30 Ton, 58 Station
Strokes: 14,000/hr Maximum
Amada Merc 722 Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press
Capacity: 8.25 Ton, 12 Station
Strokes: 160 per Minute
Positioning & Repeatability: ± .001"
Pacific Pressformer II Capacity: 375 Ton
Denison Hydraulic Multipress Capacity: 8 Ton
Diacro Hand Operated Punch Capacity: 4 Ton


Combo Processing (Laser & Punch) Equipment ListingSpecifications
Trumpf TruMatic 6000 LF w/ Sheet Loader TruFlow 3200 Watt CO2 Laser
Punch Capacity: 25 Ton, 18 Station
Strokes: 9,000 per Minute
Max Sheet Thk: .300"
Max Sheet Size: 121" x 68"
Max Workpiece Weight 506 lbs
Positioning Accuracy ± .004"
Avg Repeatability ± .001"


View a complete listing of our precision sheet metal fabrication and machining equipment.


Dynamic Design and Manufacturing is ITAR compliant and our manufacturing processes are AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified so you can be assured that your parts will meet or exceed the quality and workmanship you require. Our company-wide commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your part is manufactured to the highest standards.

Dynamic Design and Manufacturing understands that the quality of your finished product is dependent on the quality of the components you use, and we are committed to providing you with parts that meet your exact requirements, delivered on time and on budget. Call today to see how our full suite of metal fabricating and machining services can help solve your manufacturing challenges.

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