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Job Description:

The CMM Programmer/Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for the continuous flow of conforming product through Dyco’s production process. This position encompasses the use of accepted quality assurance practices and principles to conduct various elements of CMM inspection, mechanical inspection and visual inspection.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain CMM programs and all related setup instructions, inspection reports, and fixturing. Programs will be created using solid model files and part detail drawings.
  • Perform first article inspections on all products at all work centers.
  • Perform final inspections on all products. Prepare certification documentation per customer requirements as necessary. Review job travelers for completeness before they are turned over to shipping for stocking (i.e., verify the operators have FAI sign-offs and have completed all required inspection documentation). Notify the Production Supervisor when oversights occur so they can facilitate the completion of the missing information prior to completing the final inspection.
  • Utilize the weekly ship list to prioritize the flow of products through the QA area in an effort to meet on-time delivery schedules with conforming product.
  • Generate inspection documents (AS9102 or our own) prior to the parts arriving in QA for final inspection.
  • Inspect product prior to outside processing. Utilize statistical sampling plans to perform receiving inspection of all outside processing and subcontracted parts.
  • Maintain MRB area including sorting customer returns.
  • Perform training of production employees in the proper use of measurement equipment and techniques, as needed.
  • Coordinate the staging of lower-level components (turn in lower-level paperwork and stage the parts so that they are available for the parent-level assembly).
  • Verify correct packaging, handling, and loading to avoid damage to product.

Job Requirements:

Special Skills/Knowledge:

  • Proficient at CMM programming and part measurement
  • Knowledgeable in quality assurance and inspection methods
  • Knowledgeable in ISO 9001-2015
  • Proficient with ANSI/ASME, Y14.5M-2009 (GD&T)
  • Knowledgeable in AS9102B
  • Skilled in the use of measuring equipment (e.g.; calipers, micrometer, protractor, height gage, etc.).
  • Proficient in the application of:
    • Shop math (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, squares, and square roots);
    • Measurements systems and conversions (e.g., SI, English & metric units);
    • Basic Algebra (e.g., solve for the unknown, simplification of a formula);
    • Basic Geometry (e.g., area, circumference, volume);
    • Basic Trigonometry (e.g., solving right triangle problems).
  • Must have a strong personality to prevail where quality is in question

Physical demands:

  • Must be capable of lifting up to 75 pounds
  • Must be able to respond to multiple time-demands and constantly changing priorities.

Minimum Qualifications:

Formal education:
High school required, technical school or junior college desirable

Job experience:
Five or more years in the precision manufacturing industry, two or more years of CMM Programming, and one or more years in quality assurance

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