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Dynamic Design & Manufacturing Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom electrical enclosures which protect electrical equipment from accidental human contact and environmental contaminants. We offer a variety of enclosure rating options for your custom electrical enclosures to ensure that your equipment is protected from environmental hazards.

Our custom industrial enclosures are available in various grade of stainless steel including 304 & 316, carbon steel and aluminum. We manufacture custom enclosures of all shapes and sizes. Our electronic enclosures are not available off of the shelf but are custom manufactured for your specific application and need. Custom electrical enclosures from Dynamic Design & Manufacturing can be fabricated in a variety of ratings and standards including NEMA ratings, IP ratings, and UL standards.

Types of Electrical Enclosure Ratings:

NEMA Ratings

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturing Association) rates electrical enclosures on their ability to protect your equipment from environmental risks including hazardous workplace accidents, weather and liquid spills. Two of the most common NEMA types are the 3 and 4 series, both of which are available at Dynamic Design & Manufacturing Inc.

Types of NEMA Enclosure Ratings

For non-hazardous areas, 3 and 3R enclosures work best for outdoor environments where they will be exposed to the elements, including rain, sleet or snow. Even if a layer of ice freezes over a 3R enclosure, it will not be damaged.

The NEMA 4 series is best for applications in which the enclosure may be exposed to splashing or hose spray. This watertight rating is perfectly suited for ship docks, breweries and dairies. For extra corrosion resistance, use 3X and 4X rated enclosures.

For hazardous areas, consider using NEMA enclosures rated to 7, 8 or 9.

IP Enclosure Ratings

At Dynamic Design & Manufacturing, we can conform your custom enclosure to fit IP (International or Ingress Protection Marking) standards. This system assigns numbers and letters to resistance properties, including water spray resistance, protection from various types of human contact and oil resistance. It signifies that your equipment conforms to internationally approved safety standards. The first number in the rating, ranging from 0-6, is associated with the level of protection from particles and other solid objects while the second number, ranging from 0-8, refers to the enclosures’ protection and ability to withstand moisture and liquids.

UL Listed

UL certified enclosures are approved by Underwriters Laboratories. UL is a global safety company that ensures that industrial and consumer electrical equipment are safe. A UL certification signals trust, and at Dynamic Design & Manufacturing, we are approved to create a custom enclosure that meets these standards.

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturing:

Dynamic Design & Manufacturing fabricates all our custom electrical enclosures on site at our 31,000 sq. foot facility located in Niwot, Colorado with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, providing efficient, precision manufacturing capabilities. We are ITAR compliant and our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified so you can be assured that your enclosures will meet or exceed the quality and workmanship you require. Call us today to speak to a custom electrical enclosure specialist today!

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