Industrial Louvers

Industrial Louvers

Dynamic Design and Manufacturing Inc. is a leading Northern Colorado precision sheet metal fabricator, offering industrial louvers for a variety of applications. We are proud to work with customers in the aerospace, national defense, medical, telecommunications and process control instrumentation industries. Our louvers are available in stainless steel alloys, aluminum and other metal types. We can fabricate your custom louvers in all shapes including square, rectangle, circle, pentagon, triangle, half-round and more.

What is a Louver?

A louver is a set of angled slats which allows airflow while blocking dirt, rainwater and other foreign matter. These vent-like structures can also be used to dilute direct sunlight entering an indoor space. Dynamic Design and Manufacturing offers several types of louvers, including custom and industrial louvers to fit your needs.

Types of Louvers:

  • Architectural louvers – used to enhance the appearance of a building in the architectural industry. Typical architectural louvers include hurricane louvers and decorative sunshades.
  • Gable (Louvered Vents) – Louvers that are helpful in ventilating attic spaces, constructed out of slanted blades or fins to increase the flow of air while helping filter out objects such as dirt or water. Commonly used in the attic space in heating, venting and cooling applications.
  • Industrial louvers – Dyco’s reinforced, heavy duty louvers are used in industrial applications such as construction where high velocities of wind are expected. We can fabricate our industrial sheet metal louvers’ strength and support to your application and needs.

Louver Materials:

  • Stainless Steel Louvers: We offer 304 and 316 stainless steel louvers in addition to other grades of stainless steel. These are an attractive and corrosion-resistant option to ensure long-term durability, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength. These stainless louvers are also known for their heavy weight.
  • Carbon Steel: Our carbon steel louvers are a more cost-effective louver solution for any industry. This material is known for being able to withstand stress and flexing.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum louvers offer easy maintenance and a lightweight design for a wide variety of industries. Able to fabricate various grades of aluminum louvers, Dynamic Design & Manufacturing offers custom aluminum louvers in the 3000, 5000 and 6000 series. Aluminum is known to expand twice as much as steel in higher temperatures.

Custom Fabricated Industrial Louver Manufacturing

As a custom metals fabricator, we can create louvers to match your exact specifications at close tolerances. Dynamic Design can create the louver necessary to complete your project at an affordable price. Dynamic Design & Manufacturing offers additional services including metal forming, welding, laser cutting and to meet all of your sheet metal needs and applications.

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